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As you can see, we have a beautiful new theme here (and a perfect matching one at the gallery) made by the very talented Ray from Oh My Morning. It features one of my favorite photoshoots ever, that Kiki did to Vs. Magazine back in 2011.

Updates are coming as we speek, so check back later for more!

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As you can see, we have a new layout up here, done by Nicole. Our gallery has a new theme as well. Let me know if you find any error!


Site Updates
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We here at Kirsten Dunst Online would like to wish Kirsten and her family, and you our lovely visitors, a very Merry Christmas! We hope everyones Christmas is filled with love and laughter 🙂

Site Updates
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The first batch of pictures of “Bachelorette” premiere, held last night in Los Angeles, has been added. Kirsten was

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gorgeous in a blue floor-length Jean-Paul Gaultier dress. You will find over 160 HQ pictures and it’s just the start, since I have a lot more to sort and add later. Also, as you can see, we have a new layout up. It’s simply but wide and bright and I hope you guys like it. The gallery has a matching theme, and our next project is update some pages and add more media content, so keep looking!

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We’ve been working this past month in the background to organize our gallery a little bit. While looking for new files, we realized it could be easier to transfer everything to a new installation. We did it, and it’s almost complete. We replaced MQ sized pictures to HQ sized ones, also mostly of Kiki projects was re-capped in Blu-Ray quality.

I’m still finishing the transfer and it may be done by tomorrow, but since there’s new files popping up to be added, I decided to open it so now you can just browse the new gallery. Also, check this brand new stills from “Bachelorette” and “On The Road” that was just added:

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Hello, Kiki fans! My name is Luciana and I’m your new webmistress here. Many thanks to Connie for let me run the site, because I’m a huge Kirsten fan since I first saw her. My friend Celyn is joining me, and we’ll be doing our best to keep the amazing work Connie has done all this year running the site.

Please check back soon, to check our first updates.

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I’m so sorry!!

I’ve been a bad webmistress these past months, my personal life is busy busy busy and finding just a little time and energy to update KDO is very hard for me which is resulting in me feeling very guilty. In order for me to get rid of some of all this guilt then I’ve decided to put this site on a hiatus for an unknown period of time, hopefully not for too long.

Sorry for the trouble and thanks for understanding!

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