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Last Thursday (14) the Television Academy unveiled the nominees for its 68th Annual Emmy Awards, and Fargo received an impressive and well deserved 18 nominations for its second installment, including Best Actress (to Kirsten), Supporting Actor (to Jesse Plemons and Bokeem Woodbine), Supporting Actress (to Jean Smart), Outstanding Limited Series, Outstanding Casting, Cinematography and Writing.

Kirsten talked to LA Times right after the nominations.

It’s a good day for “Fargo.”
Yes. We’re all texting each other: “So happy!” It’s a great group of people and I feel like what Noah [Hawley] does with “Fargo,” it’s so well-deserved and he’s such a genius. It’s just so nice to be recognized for something that you’re proud of, because that doesn’t always go hand-in-hand.

Are you celebrating?
I will later, I guess. I’m in Santa Fe. I’ll buy myself some turquoise, maybe. Go look at some art.

Peggy took an unexpected journey on the series.
That’s a tribute to Noah and his writing team. I knew from the beginning it was going to be special. The writing on that show is so great and the character was so unique. Things just don’t get written that often for women to play. It was just so fun and there was so much for me to do and play in that role.

The award ceremony will be held on Sept. 18 at the Microsoft Theater, and will air live on ABC, with Jimmy Kimmel acting as host.

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The 21st Annual Critics’ Choice Awards were held yesterday at the Barker in Santa Monica, California. Kirsten attended the show looking beautiful in a Chanel cream gown. Kirsten took home the Best Actress In A Movie Made For Television Or Limited Series for her performance in Fargo, that also has won Best Limited Series, Best Supporting Actor (Jesse Plemons) and Best Supporting Actress (Jean Smart).

The gallery was updated with over 100 HQ pictures – many thanks to my friend Lindsey for helping collecting it. Watch Kirsten’s winning speech below:

Fargo Gallery
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Kirsten attended last night the Golden Globe Awards, in which she was nominee as Best Actress in a Miniseries or Motion Picture for Television for her work on Fargo. Kiki wore an amazing black Valentino Couture Fall 2015 dress, and was joined by longtime boyfriend Garrett Hedlund. Check pictures added in our gallery.

Fargo Gallery
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EW has published a great interview with Kirsten, in order of the last Fargo episode.

This is the first time you’ve done a TV series — how was it different from acting in films?
When I was little I’d done ER and some pilots, but nothing like this. It was hard for me, because you’d have different directors, whereas in a movie you just have one man in command and that’s it. So that was interesting. At one point I worked with three different directors in one day, which I had to get used to.

What drew you to Peggy’s character? Did you get to read her entire arc before signing on?
I actually only got two scripts before I took the part, but just from the description, I knew that whatever Peggy’s trajectory was going to be, she was going to be really fun to play. I did try and ask Noah [Hawley, EP] to tell me what happens to her, and he didn’t tell me the whole truth. He wanted there to be an element of mystery for me.

Any fave Peggy lines?
I feel like everyone likes the flying saucer line a lot, but I love when Dodd is watching Jesse and I in bed, and I make Jesse put that thing over his head because he’s watching us.

Read the full interview at EW.com

Fargo Interviews
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GQ has published a great article about Kiki and her amazing performance on Fargo, and how it relates to her own career.

Fargo is a television show in love with words. It tries to one-up the Coen Brothers (who are credited as executive producers) in giving actors the kind of monologues and dialogue they’ll want to tattoo on their torsos and have emblazoned on their tombstones, so overjoyed are they by the verbiage and opportunities created for them. But the show is seldom more powerful or more compelling than when it slows down, cranks down the volume, and allows the camera to linger on the enigma that is Dunst’s face. For all its exquisitely wrought words, a dialogue-free shot of Dunst on a bus, her face at once conveying everything and nothing as she contemplates the treacherous crossroads she finds herself at, is as good as Fargo gets.

The role of Peggy plays to the actress’s gift for combining deceptive strength and guile with underlying vulnerability; it’s a performance haunted by ghosts and informed by the Dunst’s own career history, from the Midwestern beauty queen she played in Drop Dead Gorgeous (reviving her pitch-perfect Minnesota accent, at the very least) to her gloriously lived-in performance as Marion Davies in The Cat’s Meow, another exploration of a fundamentally good woman involved in a complicated cover-up. It allows Dunst to once again play a woman who puts on a pretty, serene face to the outside world yet is falling apart on the inside, a victim of both her own mistakes and a society that simultaneously worships and torments beautiful women.

(…)Dunst has quietly racked up such an impressive career that it’s likely some of her fans don’t even realize how young she was when she started, Even before Interview With the Vampire introduced her to the public in a big way, she’d already scored roles in movies from Brian De Palma (Bonfire of the Vanities) and Woody Allen (New York Stories). But it’s Dunst’s performance in Fargo, a wildly cinematic, newfangled television show quasi-adapted from a famous movie, that paradoxically illustrates what a true, old-school movie star she really is.

Read the whole article at GQ website.

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“People are dead, Peggy.”

FX aired last night the finale for the amazing Fargo season two, in a fantastic and bitersweet episode.

Kirsten delivers her best performance of the season, specially when Peggy’s in the back of Lou’s car, ranting about being a victim of circumstance because she can’t be both a wife and a working woman. The layers she delivers in the whole scene are amazing – and I won’t say more to avoid spoilers to those who didn’t see the episode yet. I will definitely miss watching Peggy weekly on my TV.

Check screencaptures added in our gallery.

Fargo Gallery
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Kirsten received earlier today a nomination as Best Actress for her role in Fargo. She received already a Golden Globes and a Satellite Awards nomination!

Kathy Bates – American Horror Story: Hotel – FX Networks
Kirsten Dunst – Fargo – FX Networks
Sarah Hay – Flesh and Bone – Starz
Alyvia Alyn Lind – Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors – NBC
Rachel McAdams – True Detective – HBO
Shanice Williams – The Wiz Live! – NBC

Fargo leads all series with eight awards nominations! Cristin Milioti and Jean Smart received both a best supporting actress nomination, Patrick Wilson received best actor, Nick Offerman, Jesse Plemons and Bokeem Woodbine received best suppporting actors nomination, and Fargo received Best Movie made for television or limited series.

Winners will be known at the Awards Gala, that will broadcast live on A&E, Lifetime and LMN from the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica on January 17th at 8PM ET/5 PM

Fargo News
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This Friday (11) also, Kirsten was guest on Jimmy Fallon show, on NBC. She talked about her Golden Globes nomination, and also played one of the famous Jimmy’s games, the catchphrase. Check it:

US residents can watch the whole show here.

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