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During her time in Cannes a few weeks ago, Kirsten was photographed by Vanity Fair for their series of Cannes portraits. The result is a beautiful shot of Kiki still in her pink Dior gown and looking pensive – see the snap in our Gallery:

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I added some beautiful additional pictures done to “Lucky” magazine last year:

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I just came across this beautiful photo shoot taken back in January to EW magazine:

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I have added 65 pretty new outtakes of C Magazine photoshoot Kiki did last year. Check it:

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A little update for you today. Added a beautiful photoshoot done last year to C Magazine, also scans of NY Timestyle. Check it:

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Kirstin has a beautiful editorial on current Vogue Italy issue. I added the photoshoot and the behind-the-scenes video screen captures to the gallery. Unfortunately the video can’t be embed but you can watch it here.

Luciana     February 05, 2012     1 Comment     Like Code

The February issue of W Magazine was dedicated to 2011 Best Performances, and they included Kirsten for her amazing performance in Melancholia.

Here’s a short Q&A done by Lynn Hirschberg that came with the beautiful photo you can find in our gallery:

Lynn Hirschberg: You started acting when you were 4. Did you go to a regular high school?
Kirsten Dunst: Yes. I even went to the prom. I actually borrowed a dress from Sofia Coppola—a beautiful John Galliano burgundy dress that she had worn to the Golden Globes. I was a very lucky girl.

That was before Spider-Man. In Spider-Man, you and Tobey Maguire had an iconic kiss.
Compared to how romantic it looked, it was very unromantic—there was rain running down Tobey’s nose, and he could barely breathe. It really wasn’t fun.

You kissed Brad Pitt in Interview With the Vampire when you were 11 years old. What was that audition like?
The director, Neil Jordan, asked my mother if I was okay. He thought that I was a disturbed child—he found it upsetting that I could cry so easily, but I needed to cry in the audition, so I just kept sobbing. I’d been auditioning for the role over and over, and it was like, God, just give me the role already—I’ll cry, I’ll scream, I’ll do anything!

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Kirsten is featured in the March 2012 issue of Vanity Fair magazine. They have posted some videos of their “Hollywood 2012” issue and one of them has a great Kiki interview. Check it:

You can find now screencaptures, photoshoot and scans of this issue in our gallery: