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Luciana     April 03, 2014     0 Comments     Like Code

You can find now in our gallery the photoshoot images of the latest Harpers Bazaar magazine. Check it:

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New beautiful photos from the L’Oreal Professionnel campaign has surfaced, and now you can find it in our gallery. Check it:

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Added a photoshoot Kirsten did in 2005 to W Magazine:

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Kirsten has a new photoshoot in the latest Bullett Magazine issue, in with she talked a little about her career.

About Lars quotes on Cannes, while promoting Melancholia:
“It was like your friend saying things you know he’s not wanting to say. At first he was trying to get a laugh, and then it just snowballed into word vomit coming out of his mouth. I was dying.”

About the Spider-Man movies:
“I wish we could have done a fourth movie. We were like a family, plus, those movies gave me the means to not work as much, help my family, and do little indie projects that I made no money on. To many people, I’m still ‘that girl from Spider-Man.'”

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Luciana     October 11, 2012     0 Comments     Like Code

I have a little update today. Added some pictures of Kirsten, Lizzy and Isla on Good Morning America last month, plush a portrait Kiki did to NY Times last year. Check it:

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I added another photo shoot done with the “Bachelorette” cast, this time taken to Huffington Post:

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Added a photoshoot done back in April with her Bachelorette co-stars Isla and Lizzy for InStyle US.

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I came across this beautiful set of pictures taken this year in Mexico. Check the pretty!