• Director: Paul Nicholas
• Writer: Brendan Beseth
• Release Date: 2000
• MPAA Rating: Rated R for violence, sexuality/nudity, language and drug use.
• Genre: Drama | Crime | Mystery | Thriller
• Runtime: 101 min.
• Box Office #s: Here

Cast Highlights
• James Caan
• Vincent Kartheiser

If you find your dad, what happens next? When she turns 18, unhappy Lidda Daniels leaves Southern California to look for Charlie, her father, a professional gambler who abandoned her years before. On her way to Vegas, she picks up Colonel, a video store clerk whom she finds attractive even though they’ve never spoken. He’s is happy to go, in part because he sees himself as a great poker player. It takes Lidda time to track down Charlie, who’s involved in his own tangles: he’s freshly back in Vegas for high-stakes poker with Tony, an old nemesis. Tony is jealous of Charlie over a woman, plus Tony has a new habit of hiring a hit man to kill anyone who beats him. Can anyone win?

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  • You can see a poster of the movie Buffalo ’66 (1998), hanging in Lidda Doyles (Kirsten Dunst) room.


Lida: is he gonna chase after us
Colonel: Who Gill? Nah he still rides a bicycle.