• Director: Tommy O’Haver
• Writer: R. Lee Fleming Jr.
• Release Date: 9 March 2001 (USA)
• MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for some crude/sexual humor, teen drinking and language. (edited from R-rated version)
• Parents Guide: View content advisory for parents
• Genre: Comedy | Romance
• Runtime: 87 min.
• Box Office #s: Here

Cast Highlights
• Ben Foster
• Melissa Sagemiller
• Shane West
• Colin Hanks
• Zoe Saldana
• Mila Kunis

When Berke Landers, a popular high school basketball star, gets dumped by his life-long girlfriend, Allison, he soon begins to lose it. But with the help of his best friend Felix’s sister Kelly, he follows his ex into the school’s spring musical. Thus endues a love triangle loosely based upon Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, where Berke is only to find himself getting over Allison and beginning to fall for Kelly.

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  • Kirsten Dunst makes her singing debut with “Dream of Me”, which is also included on the film soundtrack.
  • Singer Sisqó made this movie just before he gained fame (briefly) for “The Thong Song”.
  • Late singer and actress Aaliyah was considered to play the role of Maggie in the film, but the part was given to Zoe Saldana.
  • In the film, Dennis says to Berke “Who marries their high-school girlfriend anyway?” with Felix adding “And don’t say Macaulay Culkin!” Ironic considering their costar Mila Kunis (Basin) started a long-term romance with Culkin a year after this film was released.
  • Kirsten Dunst and co-star Ben Foster dated from late 2000 to early 2001.


Dr. Desmond Forest Oates: Oh, that was fun. Who was the composer on that?
Kelly: Me, actually.
Dr. Desmond Forest Oates: Oh, I’m sorry, were you expecting applause?

Felix: Hey, hey, hey, what’s going on here?
Kelly: Don’t worry Felix I’m handling it.
Felix: No, you’re being handled by leather pants over here, there’s a difference.

Berke Landers: [singing] Kiss a little longer, stay close a little longer…
Dr. Desmond Forest Oates: PROJECTION MR. BERKE… projection.
[singing] Berke Landers: Kiss a little longer, stay close a little longer…
Kelly: Hold tight a little longer… longer with Big Red.
Berke Landers: That Big Red freshness lasts right through it.
Kelly and Basin: Your fresh breath goes on and on…
Everyone: While you chew it. So say goodbye a little longer, make it last a little longer…
Berke Landers: Give your breath long-lasting freshness… WITH BIG RED.
[Cheers from the audience]

Kelly: Are you crying?
Berke Landers: No, you’re squeezing my puncture wound.

Dr. Desmond Forest Oates: I’d like you to read this poster and tell me what it says at the bottom.
Kelly: “No food or drink allowed in the auditorium at any time.”
Dr. Desmond Forest Oates: It says “Twelve original songs by Dr. Desmond Forest Oates.”
Kelly: Oh, that part.
Dr. Desmond Forest Oates: Yes, that part. I’ll tell you what it doesn’t say. It doesn’t say “Additional lyrics by little miss sassy pants.”

Berke: [reading the school play] Captain of the fairy band, Helena is close at hand. I’m understanding about every word of this shit.
Kelly: [Kelly and Basin enters] Berke.
Berke: Hey.
Kelly: What happened to your face?
Berke: A long story.
Kelly: A Midsummer Night’s Dream? What, are you gonna try out for the show?
Berke: Kinda, sor – Maybe.
Kelly: Well, you know, if you’re serious about it, I’m kinda good at that stuff.
Berke: Really?
Basin: Have you heard her songs?
[patting Kelly’s shoulder] Basin: She’s only like the next Josie Mitchell.
Kelly: [putting her hand on Basin’s shoulder] Joni Mitchell.
Berke: I-I could actually use some help. So, tommorow, coffee?
Kelly: Okay. Coffee would be great.
Berke: Okay.
Kelly: Bye.
Berke: Bye.
[Kelly and Basin leaves] Basin: [mocking Kelly’s words] If you’re serious, I’m kinda good at that stuff.
Kelly: Shut up.
Basin: [mocking Kelly’s words] Shut up!
[pats Kelly] Kelly: [gasps] What?
Basin: Did you see Dennis staring at me again?
Kelly: Oh, I know, totally.
Basin: I told you.