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Luciana     August 24, 2012     0 Comments     Like Code

The press conference for “Bachelorette” was held yesterday in Los Angeles, and usually we have to wait a little until see some pictures, but this time I was able to find four pretty HQ ones, that you can now

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find in our gallery:

More pics will be added as soon it start to surface.

Luciana     August 24, 2012     0 Comments     Like Code

The first batch of pictures of “Bachelorette” premiere, held last night in Los Angeles, has been added. Kirsten was

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gorgeous in a blue floor-length Jean-Paul Gaultier dress. You will find over 160 HQ pictures and it’s just the start, since I have a lot more to sort and add later. Also, as you can see, we have a new layout up. It’s simply but wide and bright and I hope you guys like it. The gallery has a matching theme, and our next project is update some pages and add more media content, so keep looking!

Luciana     August 24, 2012     0 Comments     Like Code

Kirsten Dunst’s new comedy, Bachelorette, is raunchy. Like, really raunchy. So much so that the former child star has banned her dad from seeing it.

“I can’t do that to him,” Dunst, 30, told us at last night’s Hollywood premiere of the flick (available now on VOD and out in theaters on Sept. 7) at the ArcLight. “I didn’t even tell him there was an L.A. premiere. And I was like, ‘Yeah, dad—don’t even try getting it on iTunes because you will not like this movie. You’re a prude. You will hate it. I know you!'”

One particularly bush-inducing scene shows Dunst having quickie—and very verbal—sex in a strip club bathroom with X-Men hottie James Marsden.

“You just roll with it,” Dunst said of filming the romp. “You hope that you’re working with somebody who is chill and not weird and is like, ‘Can I touch you here? Can I touch you there?’ No! Let’s just go for it and get it over with.”

Yeah, it’s a far cry from Dunst’s previous work. “I’ve wanted to do a comedy but it’s hard sometimes because people don’t see you in a comedic way, even though I did most of my teen roles in comedies,” she said. “This was perfect time and a perfect script.”

Just not perfect for Dad.


Luciana     August 24, 2012     0 Comments     Like Code

Kirsten looks gorgeous tonight during the “Bachelorette” premiere in Los Angeles.

Come back later for pictures!

Luciana     August 24, 2012     0 Comments     Like Code

Kirsten is guest tonight at “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno”, which airs on NBC at 11.35 pm EST. The show was recorded this evening, and I came across some pretty MQ pictures of Kiki that you must see it:

Clips and screen captures will be added asap.

Luciana     August 23, 2012     0 Comments     Like Code

Kirsten and her Bachelorette co-stars Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan are featured in a new photo spread in the September issue of Elle (US)! They talk about female friendship and this generation of women. The photoshoot has been added to our Gallery, and the interview to our press page, all courtesy of Elle.com.

All the Single Ladies

Whether your idea of cool-girl dressing is cutout mod sheaths or sexy-strong tailoring, the firebrand trio of this month’s darkly funny bachelorette will show you how to have a good time.

When wickedly funny Los Angeles playwright Leslye Headland first began taking meetings with Hollywood executives, she heard the same question on repeat: “They’d ask,‘What’s the female version of an Apatow movie?’ I would always say, ‘Depressing.’” Audiences love a man-child, but would they find “a woman struggling with her femininity” just as funny? Turns out they do. Bachelorette, Headland’s raucous Sundance hit, in theaters this month, is hilarious, twisted, and startlingly incisive. On the eve of a wedding, three early-thirties bridesmaids lean hard into old archetypes—the ditz (Isla Fisher), the nympho (Lizzy Caplan), and the alpha female (Kirsten Dunst)—and wrestle with their own inadequacies as the rotund runt of their high school pack (the always-game Rebel Wilson) beats them all to the altar, with a Disney- perfect prince to boot. Make no mistake: This isn’t Bridesmaids. Headland spins her premise into something grittier, a fiercely sharp send-up of the idea, she says, “that there’s a checklist by which women should live their lives, so that they’re always defining themselves by what they don’t have.” Read More

Luciana     August 23, 2012     0 Comments     Like Code

We’ve been working this past month in the background to organize our gallery a little bit. While looking for new files, we realized it could be easier to transfer everything to a new installation. We did it, and it’s almost complete. We replaced MQ sized pictures to HQ sized ones, also mostly of Kiki projects was re-capped in Blu-Ray quality.

I’m still finishing the transfer and it may be done by tomorrow, but since there’s new files popping up to be added, I decided to open it so now you can just browse the new gallery. Also, check this brand new stills from “Bachelorette” and “On The Road” that was just added:

Luciana     August 07, 2012     0 Comments     Like Code

A new trailer for “On The Road” has been released yesterday. Check it: