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Kirsten is on cover of Vs Magazine Moments issue, in a spread shot by Kayt Jones, art directed by Jakob F.S. and styled by Hailey Atkin. Titled The Farewell, it chronically plays out a relationship on the brink of a break-up, showing Kirsten from the moment she enters her lover’s home to the day she packs up and leaves.

She will also star in a new Vs. Magazine film, directed by Matthew Frost, which is set to be released next week.

Kiki forever…
Kirsten Dunst is the actress that can carry a Blockbuster hit while maintaining indie cred. Now in The Two Faces of January, our favorite girl next door channels retro Hollywood glamour, playing the object of affection of not one but two of Hollywood’s most covetable leading men.

Kirsten Dunst arrives at an idyllic Santa Monica mansion for our photo shoot sporting her brother’s oversized t-shirt. The shoot lands on a Monday, which means last night was Sunday dinner at mom’s house. The actress had opted to spend the night. Dunst’s mom often describes what she’s serving the modern way. “My mom’s texts are the best texts. Her describing what’s for dinner on Sunday night is ridiculous, there’s no punctuation or spelling.”

As far as people who have been in the public eye since adolescence, Dunst lives a seemingly low-key existence in which her home base plays a major role. Currently, she is renting a house steps from her mother’s, meaning she could have easily dashed home to change into something more glamorous before coming to set. “The Valley is so mellow. The people are true chillers, and my mom lives just down the street from me on a little lake.” Also at Mom’s house are the family cats, which receive third billing in Dunst’s Twitter profile (“Actress/ home owner/lover of cats”). At present, there are three, plus a neighborhood feline that stops by to hang out. “The other day I planted catnip and the cats went ape shit. The plants were completely destroyed down to the roots and the cats are walking around all stoned.”

Despite these impossibly down-to-earth details, Dunst is every bit a superstar. Having conquered box office smashes (the Spiderman franchise), the ironically fabulous (Drop Dead Gorgeous, Bring It On), the brilliantly offbeat (The Virgin Suicides, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and the masterfully haunting (Melancholia, for which she won Best Actress at Cannes), Dunst can afford to be selective with her projects. “For me, it’s about the director. Really that’s all you have at the end of the day.”

However, the actress was drawn to her most recent role in The Two Faces of January by the film’s co-star, Viggo Mortensen. “I first met Viggo in an elevator in Toronto and he was very quiet. Then this opportunity came along and I thought, “This is going to be an intense project. No laughing.” Then I got to know him and he turns out to be the sweetest, funniest guy.”

In the film Dunst plays Colette MacFarland, a jetsetter caught between her husband (Mortensen) and a dashing conman (Oscar Isaac) against the stunning backdrop of Athens. By now Dunst is accustomed to playing the object of desire. Her first onscreen kiss, which doubled as her first kiss ever, was in the career-making Interview with the Vampire and shared with none other than Brad Pitt. “I remember when we were promoting the film, it was all about, “You got to kiss Brad Pitt.” It was totally gnarly. I was eleven. It would have been weird if I was like, “Yeah, that was awesome!””

Achieving stardom at age eleven is not without its caveats ( just days before our shoot, Dunst was under attack for suggesting the value of traditional gender roles), but the actress makes a conscious effort to avoid the online rabbit hole. “It’s so easy to go, “Oh, I’m bored. What are people saying about this movie or about me?” It’s the worst idea. Everyone says negative shit about everyone. You can’t really take it to heart.” And if they aren’t viciously attacking her online for this comment or that outfit, they are taking her photo, whether she permits it or not. Dunst recalls the first time she experienced the shift from autographs to selfies. “I was doing Wimbledon in London, and I was like,
“Oh my god, people have fucking cameras on their phones.” It totally changed everything. I was like, “This is the end! What am I supposed to do?””

The actress parodies celebrity selfie obsession in the Vs. short film shot by satirical fashion filmmaker (and Dunst’s friend) Matthew Frost. In the film, Dunst is accosted by two “sort- of-fans” looking to nab a selfie with the star, a situation with which the actress is all too familiar. “You’re taking pictures with anybody who wants one… Or they’re taking pictures of you and you don’t even know it. I can spot people trying to be strategic with their cell phones. I’m like, “Hey! Why don’t you just ask me for a picture!” Come up to me. I’m a normal human being.”

These uncomfortable elements of fame aside, it is apparent Dunst adores both being an actress and cinema in general. She speaks in classic film references, for instance mentioning that she felt like Gena Rowlands in John Cassavetes’ Minnie and Moskowitz during her Vs. shoot. If it feels as though we’ve seen less of Dunst as of late, it is only due to a lack of enticing opportunities and, specifically, a lack of enticing opportunities for women. “I’d actually like to work more, but the good writers and directors don’t make a lot of movies, and they’re usually focused on a man. I can think of a handful of famous directors who write movies centered on females: Lars [Von Trier], Sofia [Coppola], Sarah Polley. There’s so much to explore within a woman, and they’re just not portrayed enough in film. You’re the girlfriend, you’re the wife…whatever.”

On the horizon, Dunst, who has been dating Garrett Hedlund since 2012, alludes to producing, directing and starting a family. As for whether or not she would encourage her kids to follow in her footsteps, Dunst is characteristically pragmatic and open- minded. “If they wanted to go into acting, I would encourage it. It’s in their gene pool. What am I supposed to do, deny them that?”

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