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Last month Kiki was cover of Italian magazine Tu Style, in an article to promote “Bachelorette”. My friend Claudia scanned the magazine, plus translated the article to English. Check scans in the gallery, and read the full article after the jump:

I love being a bitch!
On the movie “On The Road” she is a good girl in a beat clan. In “Bachelorette” she’s a bitchy maid of honour. And how is she? The most eclectical ‘indie’ of Hollywood plays Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. As she states “How boring to always be the good girl: let’s go bitches!”

It’s a little of an impression to meet Kirsten Dunst. Surely she’s very pretty, nice and gentle with journalists and she always looks like an angel, as everyone says, but girls… she’s freezing!
You need a jumper with her.

Cold, determined, and sure about her choices. She’s one of those who could always refuse important roles (“I didn’t want to play Angela in American Beauty cause I would have to kiss Kevin Spacey and lie naked on a red petals carpet. Ridiculous!”) and like the ability of a financial magician, she’s able to calculate the best roles for her (“I wanted so much to make Spider-Man, I knew it would have been a great push into my career, above all on the foreign merchandising where people still didn’t know me”). One thing is sure: she’s a workaholic. 30-years-old and 38 movies on her back. And let’s not count in the tv-series (as a kid she was in Star Trek: The Next Generation, about 14 or 15 years old in ER) and the “after-work” as a scriptwriter and director on her production, Wooden Spoon Productions. And she has no links on this with her past: her father is a doctor, her mother a gallerist. How does she make it?

Could be her German roots from her parents giving the efficiency in her DNA? (she is born and raised in America, in Point Pleasant, New Jersey). Or maybe her relatives launched her in the publicity since she was 3 years old, with the napkins spots, and she couldn’t stop since then? Or maybe was shocking her first kiss with Brad Pitt on Interview with a vampire at 12? Impossible to reply. The results of nowadays count: Kirsten, Kiki for her friends, blonde with blue eyes, 5’ 7’’, and a perfect body she has always being proud of (“I love being prettier everyday growing” she said years ago. “I know it’s important and it doesn’t hurt anybody”), she’s the hottest actress in Hollywood. In 2013-14 we’ll see her in at least five movies but, waiting for that, two are in the italian cinemas already: On the Road by Walter Salles, from the novel by Jack Kerouac and, from 18 October, The Wedding Party, a female comedy by Leslye Headland.

What about her love life? No comment. Even if she recently was spotted, happy with actor Garrett Hedlund, 28 tall, handsome and with a great shape, the hero of On the Road (and Tron:Legacy before). But the tricky question doesn’t make its play.

The move On the Road shows the difficult living next to an artist obsessed with narcisism, like Dean Moriarty of the novel, hero of Beat Generation. How is love between two actors?
I wouldn’t know. I’m not eccentric, on the contrary. I’m normal. I don’t shout or yell on set, I don’t have chef or drivers with me. I assure you that celebrities go errands to supermarket: here I am, just like them.

Your Camille is the less “beat” character of the story. Who is it representing?
Conservatism from America during the 50’s. A simple and traditionalist girl, far from the Beat Generation, just like the real wife was, now 88-years-old, of poet Noel Cassady (Dean from the novel). O drugs or poetry, no trips on the road discovering oneself. She falls in love with Dean/Neal and she would like a family, but she will have to leave him as he wants all different from life.

And you? Would you like kids?
Not now, it’s something far…. Far far away.

What sort of message is the Kerouac book giving to young generation?
Movie itself is a bit of a travel, visual and not only, it’s a physical experience. Something fluid and lyrical, like music. I believe that people of 20 from nowadays can understand what drug and sex was at that time: means of discover, a way to feel your body and set your mind free.

And what did you think of the novel, when you read it?
It’s a classic, like The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald. It says about love, never out of style, and it’s current because after all in every century the “beats” exist. Youngs from Kerouac was inspired by anti-conventional people and genius, searching for a new way to live, unsure if to stay or not in that society. They became poets, writers, musicians. It was a time full of positive changements, when everything could happen all of a sudden. I did prefer though to read poets from Silvia Plath, The Catcher in the Rye and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Now you are making your new movie, and maybe next scandal by Lars von Trier. How will The Nymphomaniac be?
I just have a small role.


Your eclectism it’s impressive: from the “literature” of On the Road to “hot” by Lars von Trier, now it comes out The Bachelorette, which is a comedy and you play a very nasty role…
Not nasty. I’m totally a bitch! The worst of the maid of honors, of dis-honor, who bring her overweight friend (actress Rebel Wilson) to the Mass and they’re all so jealous cause she gets married before them despite being so fat.

How much of a bitch?
I’m the most evil of the grous and I manipulate other two (played by Lizzy Caplan and Isla Fisher). Well, in the movie we are three adult and dark women, let’s say, all ex-school friends who like to drink and take drugs and still behave as young, as evil and jealous females.

Some critics compared it to The Hangover…
Well yes, but it’s not so. The Hangover was really vulgar and heavy. I believe The Wedding Party is more lighting, funny, ironical and auto ironical. Maybe because it’s written and directed by a woman.

The dark reply to Bridesmaids?
Actually that was written before that, but they couldn’t produce it before now.

Why did you accepted such a role?
I thought: “Wow, a bad and bitchy girl role, a way to be bastard and a bit slut: it was about time!” It’s boring to always play the nice girl, smiling and being delicate… Let’s go bitches!

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