Written by Connie | Posted on 8 February 2011| 0

With every season comes a new pile of Polaroids from Boy and Band of Outsiders, featuring some perfectly cool girl and guy like Michelle Williams and Jason Schwartzman. This season, it’s Kirsten Dunst for Boy and James Marsden for Band of Outsiders. In an exclusive first look, designer Scott Sternberg tells us why he hearts Kirsten as much as we do, and why he chooses actors over models for his campaigns.

Fashionista: You used Kirsten in your Spring 2009 presentation–what makes her such an ideal model for Boy?
Scott Sternberg: Every single thing you put on her looks fantastic! And she’s really fun to hang out with.

Where was this year’s look book shot, and what was the inspiration behind it?
Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens, which is just outside of Pasadena. It’s absolutely gorgeous and dreamy, but there are also some really strange and goofy elements, so it felt like a good place to do it.

Why do you tend to use actors over models for your look books? Because they’ve got more personality? Not at all. Personality deficiency is rarely an issue with models in my experience. I just want to bring a different feeling to these than what you might see at a show or in typical fashion campaigns, something more natural and loose with a dose of humor. Actors are a good way to achieve those things.

Fall 2011 will be your first runway show ever. We love how your presentations always look like little movie sets. Will you do something similar for the runway? No sets! But we do have a few tricks up our sleeve.

Ever think about doing a short film to accompany your look book? We’d like to see it. I’ve sort of thought about it for a second.

What is the one staple you think every girl should own? A perfectly tailored blazer.