Written by Connie | Posted on 3 December 2010| 0

Kirsten played the immortal Claudia in 1994’s ‘Interview with a Vampire,’ one of the movies that started the vampire craze!

Long before Twilight, The Vampire Diaries or True Blood, when she was just 12-years-old, Kristen Dunst starred alongside Brad Pitt in the film Interview With A Vampire and even shared an on screen kiss him! Take THAT, Bella! “We were the original vampires!” Kirsten, 28, proudly told HollywoodLife.com on Dec. 1 at the NYC premiere of her upcoming movie, All Good Things.

But Kirsten’s not exactly jealous of her fellow blood suckers‘ fame today. And sorry, Edward Cullen — there’s someone else Kirsten says she’d like to sink her fangs into!

“I love all the Twilight movies, but my favorite vampire is Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood,” she says. “He played my husband in a film I recently did and he is so funny, but you never expect ‘Eric’ to be that way!”


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