Written by Connie | Posted on 28 May 2010| 0

A personal assistant to “Spider-Man” starlet Kirsten Dunst admitted Thursday she had pot in her bag – but denied her celebrity boss knew about it.

“I had a little bit of marijuana in my bag,” Liat Baruch testified at the retrial of a man accused of breaking into Dunst’s penthouse suite at the SoHo Grand hotel and stealing her bag.

“I was planning on smoking it after we wrapped, after work,” she said of the all-night movie shoot she worked on that night.

Drugs became an issue in the case of James Jimenez when his lawyer claimed he was at the hotel with a pal who was selling drugs on the penthouse floor.

“There were drugs in that room,” Robert Parker told jurors, adding that for that reason, Jimenez “obviously had permission to be there.”

The pal, Jarrod Beinerman, is serving a four-year stint for the burglary after pleading guilty.

Baruch said Dunst knew nothing of the pot and that no one working on the film knew Jimenez or Beinerman, who did not have permission to enter the suite where Dunst and co-star Simon Pegg relaxed between shoots.

Under questioning by the defense, Parker tried to paint Dunst as a pothead – with little success.

“You were going to smoke that with Ms. Dunst, right?” he asked in a barrage of questions. “Ms. Dunst knew you had the marijuana in your bag, correct?”

“No,” Baruch said each time.

“But it’s true you guys had planned to celebrate after the shoot that night?”

“No,” she said, adding that she planned to smoke alone before bed.

Parker tried unsuccessfully to find out where Baruch got the weed.

The line of questioning was barred by the judge because there was no proof Beinerman supplied the pot to Baruch or anyone else on the movie set.

Outside of court, Parker said he hammered away at Baruch because he believes the pot belonged to Dunst and that there was a cover-up.

Dunst is expected to testify next week and could face same sort of grilling. Her spokesman denies she had or knew of any drugs on the set.

Last year, a jury acquitted Jimenez of one burglary charge and deadlocked on two other burglary charges.

At his first trial, Jimenez’s lawyer insisted he was too dumb to pull off a heist. He didn’t use the pot angle in his defense.

Jimenez told the court he followed a pal into the unlocked suite and didn’t know the buddy snatched Dunst’s $2,000 handbag and Pegg’s iPod and camera.

Prosecutors contend Jimenez knew exactly what he was doing when he went to the swanky hotel with Beinerman.