Written by Connie | Posted on 21 May 2010| 0

Actors Kirsten Dunst and Simon Pegg are set to testify again in the second trial of a man charged with burglarizing their SoHo Grand hotel rooms during a 2007 film shoot.

The co-stars of “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People,” previously testified that their belongings were looted from their penthouse suites after a 4 a.m. scene shoot in the hotel lobby.

Dunst, Pegg and a production team member from the movie are expected to testify in the second trial of James Jimenez from June 1 to 3.

Jimenez, 35, and Jarrod Beinerman were charged with looting the stars’ wallets, purses, credit cards cameras and cell phones.

A jury was hung on the burglary charges against Jimenez in his late September 2009 trial. He was convicted only of trespassing.

Beinerman pleaded guilty in 2008, but Jimenez continued to fight the charges.