Written by Luciana | Posted on 2 December 2015| 0

Variety has published an interview with Kirsten and Jesse, after the airing of this week’s Faargo episode.

This was an incredible episode for Peggy and Ed. What do you remember about shooting it?
Kirsten Dunst: That was a tiny little cabin to shoot in. They built that in the studio. We would shoot there until 2 or 3 in the morning, it was all nights.
Jesse Plemons: 17-hour days.
KD: That was an intense cabin. And I had six pages of dialogue to myself. That wasn’t easy after already being exhausted; your mind just goes blank.

Was it the most challenging episode to film?
KD: I think it was for me.

What was it like working with Jeffrey Donovan when he’s all tied up?
KD: It’s so funny when you’re bringing these crazy characters together, we’re all insane at this point. It’s like, “Your accent sounds different than mine.” It’s such a comicbook of people. Sometimes it was weird when we’re acting with someone new. Working with Jeffrey was like, “This is wild.” It was just me and Jesse for so long. When I had a scene with Ted it was like, “Ooohh, new person to interact with.” It was fun because of that; each episode started to bring together the different worlds.

Did you miss these characters when you were done filming?
KD: I was just so tired. My last night of shooting was just brutal. You’ll see why. I was thankful to be done with the show. Not for any reason except I was drained emotionally as a person.

Head over to Variety website to read the full interview.