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This weekend at Austin’s South by Southwest Film Festival, during a somewhat sparsely attended panel celebrating the working relationship of filmmaker Jeff Nichols and actor Michael Shannon, the two made a surprise debut of the first footage from their forthcoming studio thriller “Midnight Special”.

According to The Playlist it was some of the most special footage seen at SXSW so far.

There was no Kiki on the footage, but it’s really interesting what is was shown. Check below, knowing that it has spoilers.

The sequence features Shannon and Joel Edgerton riding in a beat-up van up to a gas station. They are typical Nichols characters: blue collar, dirty, and their relationship isn’t exactly clear, although they could certainly be criminals. They’ve got a young boy (Nathan Brimmer), in the van, and once they pull up they instruct him to stay inside the car while they get stuff from the adjacent convenience store. There’s already palpable tension in the scene, but as Nichols cuts back and forth between the goons in the store buying junk food, and the little kid, who wears goggles and is reading a Superman comic book (another perk to working with Warner Bros, no doubt), that tension becomes almost unbearable.

Finally the kid gets out of the car and starts walking away from the gas station; Edgerton and Shannon notice and run out to him. But something strange has already started to happen. A chubby woman getting out of another car to see if the boy is okay approaches him but Shannon shoos her away, telling her that the boy is his son (it’s unclear whether or not this is true). As Shannon scoops the young boy up in his arms, the boy says, “I’m sorry,” as fireballs start to rain down from the sky, turning a nearby car into a tumbling inferno. Shannon and Edgerton run back to the van and start it quickly, and take off, driving away from the chaos.

To read more about the panel, check The Playlist website.

Midnight Special