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Kirsten attended the Photocall and Press Conference for “Melancholia” in Cannes, France earlier today. Well over 300 pictures have been added to the gallery. Stay tuned for more updates from Cannes.

  • Vicente

    I really like you Kirsten

  • kiki

    she looks gorgeous 🙂

  • John

    I think you are amazing but please don’t work with Lars again. It stains you to even be near such a person.

  • Blake

    I really hope Kirsten will publish something of her own, condeming Melancolia’s director words, just so I’d know that she doesn’t think the same, cause i’m a big fan of her’s and i’m Jewish, but more importantly, i’m human.

  • Connie

    Kirsten isn’t responsible for what lame jokes Lars Von Trier makes. But if you watch the clip where he makes the comments you can see that Kirsten is sitting next to him looking rather uncomfortable, like she’s wishing he would just shut up.