Written by Connie | Posted on 5 June 2010| 0

He didn’t convince the jury of his innocence, but he did prove he’s stupid.

Self-confessed dimwit James Jimenez was convicted yesterday of swiping actress Kirsten Dunst‘s purse from the penthouse of a Soho hotel.

Jurors delivered a guilty verdict even though they essentially bought the car mechanic’s alibi: that he was too dumb to carry off the crime.

One juror said the panel was struck by “just how immensely stupid he came across…He didn’t seem capable of a premeditated crime.”

Jimenez had argued that he was too dopey – his lawyer called him “Mongoloid” – to realize his pal Jarrod Beinerman was sneaking him into the hotel to steal stuff.

He also claimed that Beinerman was invited to the hotel for the “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People” movie shoot in 2007 because he was a drug dealer.

During the trial, defense lawyer Robert Parker asked Dunst if she smoked pot. The “Spider-Man” starlet denied it, but her assistant admitted she had pot.

Outside court yesterday, Parker claimed that Dunst has in the past publicly admitted to using marijuana. “If that is true, she clearly mislead the jury,” he said. “She committed perjury.”

Kirsten Dunst publicly stated she smokes pot, she got on the stand and said she didn’t smoke pot,” Parker added.

“I’d like to inquire further about her public statements concerning marijuana.”

The jury was unswayed by the insinuations and convicted Jimenez of burglary and tresspass – after jurors at his first trial deadlocked on the charges.

As Jimenez was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs he winked at his mother, Nilsa, and said, “Bye, mom.”

“I don’t care what I have to do,” she said later. “If I have to go bankrupt, I will go bankrupt. But I will prove my son is innocent.”